About Us

We are proud to say that we are a small, family owned & operated business doing what we love for several years now. I have always loved baking & cooking for our family & friends. Seeing their faces light up when we would bring our fresh baked goodies to them. Such a great feeling. 

We first got the idea when we took our son to his first concert & I wanted his event tickets to be displayed on his birthday cake. I searched online on how I could do this & I am so glad I did. It was the best cake ever. I was so thrilled with it!!! We had the concert venue information on the photo cake topper & our tickets decorated with his candles. From that night - I knew this was my thing. 

I researched many different suppliers & tested all the different frosting sheets & inks along with everything that goes with it.

We use only top quality products that are Kosher Certified, FDA approved & made in the USA. 

This is not a job for us - it is doing what we love. Putting a smile on someones face is the best feeling ever. The BEST!!! 

Join us & make your perfect cake or cupcakes for your people!!! :)